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AmyBeth Parravano
From: Cranston,RI USA
Website: http://www.peridotrecords.com
E-mail: peridot@peridotrecords.com
My dad would have been 86 and he was a member of the 10th Armoured Division (Tiger)

There were photos of him along with his tank standing next to General Patton when he was stationed in Germany....

p.s. his name was Olindo Luigi Izzo...does anyone remember him? (his nickname was Bill or Willy....he looked like actor Tyrone Power when he was in his 20s.
He received a purple heart for bravery...too!
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Jason Carpenter
E-mail: jaycarp02@hotmail.com
My name is Jason carpenter and my grandfather LT. William H. Filmyr served in the 54th armored infantry battalion, 10th armored division. We don't know that much about his military service other than he was a PLT leader and later a compnay commander around march 1945 during fighting in germany. If anyone has any more information about what specific company he commanded or any other information it would be greatly appriciated. My e-mail is Jaycarp02@hotmail.com
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R Wayne Steuerwald
E-mail: stirnude@aol.com
I found this website a year or so ago and should have posted then but didn'T. My father, Wayne A Steuerwald, served with Co.D, 21st Tank Bn, 10th Armored. Like so many of the stories I've read here, he didn't chose to discuss his experiences until very late in his life. By that time they weren't fond memories. He did relate some interesting stories with my wife. She didn't relate any of these to me until after he had passed on but at least I have those stories.

He was fortunate to have a small core of men he served within our vicinity and over the years I was priviledged to meet some of them. He left me some interesting memorabilia which I will be glad to pass on to my son.

Like the rest of you, I will always be proud of my father and all the men and women who served in "the big one".
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From: Long Island, New York
E-mail: compklaus@optonline.net
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Luanne De Santis
From: Yonkers, New York
E-mail: ollycat97@aol.com
I want to thank all the men (living and deceased) of the 10th Armored Divison for your service to our country.
My Dad Vito J. De Santis was a member of the 10th Armored Division. He enjoyed attending many reunions until he passed away on September 7, 2001.
This is a great website and I hope it continues after your Final Salute to teach our future gernerations about the heroic 10th Armored Division.
God Bless You and God Bless America
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From: Louisiana
E-mail: cranejockey28@yahoo.com
My grandfather served with the 10th AD. He ttalked lots about all the great freinds he had within the division and of the battles you fought. I want to thank all of you who severved with him and fought so well beside him that he was able to return home so that I could know him in later years. He passed away last May 2005. Thank you all and God bless you.
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Joshua Alberts
From: Georgia
E-mail: m16_cartridges@yahoo.com
my grand father was 10th armored he spoke very little of the army he told me a few stories im honored to have a family member who was in the 10th armored his name was Leslie Benedict he died in 2004
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Submitted by Comments:
Charles W. Ray, Jr (Billy)
From: Houston
E-mail: charleswrayjr@prodigy.net
My Dad, Charles W Ray, Sr was a member of Hq Company, 3rd Armored Regiment, in 1942 and transferred into the 777th Tank Battalion in September 1943 and moved to Fort Knox with the Battalion. If anyone remembers my dad, please write to me. I have written (but have not published) an extensive chronological history of the 777th from its beginnings in the 3rd at Fort Benning to Torgau where the battalion met up with the Russians on April 25th, 1945. If you seek information on the 777th or any of the Battalions 1,048 members, please ask.
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Submitted by Comments:
Kevin Ruhf
From: Ambler, PA
E-mail: kevinruhf@yahoo.com
My grandfather, Alfred Kirk, served with the 10th. Unfortunately, I never had the chance to meet him because of his passing in 1982. My grandmother, Margret Kirk, used to tell my sisters and I stories of my grandfather when i was younger. However, after my grandmother passed, the idea of story-telling fell to my mother, and aunts and uncles - Alfred and Margret's children. My mother and uncle after my grandmothers' passing in 2000 obtained many photographs and various medals of Alfred's, including many from war-time era. From time to time at family gatherings we tell stories about him, as though to keep his spirit living on through story and picture. Recently, i have been organizing my mom's pictures in sc***books and such, and have been researching the 10th. It would just be a real awesome thing if anyone had any stories out there about my grandfather. The 10th has become part of my family, part of my family's history; and I thank you all who served-God bless you...and God Bless America.
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Submitted by Comments:
Bucky Simmons
From: Toccoa Ga.
Website: http://www.camptoccoareunion.com
E-mail: bucky@camptoccoareunion.com
Currahee Military Weekend Oct 12-15, 2006

The Toccoa/Stephens County Historical Society invites you to attend our third annual Camp Toccoa Reunion and Reenactment Events. Camp Toccoa, now made famous by Band of Brothers, was the birthplace of the 501st, 506th, 507th, 511th, and 517th Parachute Infantry Regiments as well as the 460th Arty Battalion, and 596th Combat Engineers (Airborne). We will have Veterans, or their families, from all these regiments attending, along with Veterans of all conflicts since WWII. The 501st, 506th and 507th Vietnam - present day will also have members attending, as well as from the 101st, 82nd, Rangers, and all other units of the U.S. military.

This year we are expanding our focus for the reunion and reenactments to include all WWII units, both Allied and Axis. There has been great response throughout the U.S. and Europe. We hope to have several hundred re-enactors from different wars take part along with several different military vehicle associations. There will also be displays and aircraft from today’s military. The event will take place at the Toccoa Airport, October 12-15, 2006.

One of the Weekend events will be the dedication of the new Currahee Military Museum which is housed in the restored Toccoa train depot, the debarkation point for most of those men who trained here. Tour the stables used for quarters by first A, then E company of the 506th P.I.R brought "across the pond" from Aldbourne England. This $325,000+ ongoing project is being paid for with donations and proceeds from reunions. During the Currahee Military Weekend we will dedicate the Currahee Military Museum to honor all of our Veterans.

Those interested may participate in the Currahee Challenge Road Race, the "three miles up and three miles down" we saw in Band of Brothers.

This year I am sending invitations to all High Schools,Military Academies and many military colleges urging them to send a class/corps of cadets to the Currahee Military Weekend. We have lost so many veterans in the last few years, this may be the last opportunity to meet and talk with living heroes.

Our invitation is extended to everyone: veterans, active duty personnel, military buffs, history buffs and each and every American who wishes to show their pride in all our Veterans. If you know of others who may be interested, please pass along our invitation to them.

Photos of 2004, and 2005 reunion and Information. www.camptoccoareunion.com

Thanks !

Bucky Simmons

Vice President, Toccoa/Stephens County Historical Society

Toccoa, Georgia. United States.
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