Top 3 Online Slots Themed on the Second World War

From 1939 to 1945, the world saw the horrors of one of the biggest wars in history. This came to be known as the Second World War. A few of the world’s biggest nations involved themselves in the bloodiest of confrontations. There were mainly two great powers in this war that formed two opposite alliances. 

One of them was called the Allies and the other was known as the Axis. The Second World War involved over 100 million people from more than 30 nations. The Asia-Pacific region was dominated by Japan. In Europe, Germany and Italy sought to conquer the entire continent. This is among the deadliest of conflicts in human history, which would always be remembered for its brutalities. 

This period in history has also been the subject of many movies and television series. Today, the boom in online gaming has resulted in many online casino slots themed in the Second World War. Let’s take a look at the top three among them:

1. World War II

Developed by GazGaming, this online slot game takes you into the heart of the Second World War. It features reels that incorporate symbols of troops from several nations. You’ll certainly find this game very immersive. It would keep you engaged with its imagery of tanks, naval battles, and much more. 

The game has a pretty usual layout of 5 reels and 20 paylines. It also includes some fascinating features. Among them is the bonus icon, which is Reichstag’s red flag. When three of these flags appear on a winning payline, the bonus round starts.

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2. Flying Ace

Microgaming has always come up with some exciting slot games. It has also developed an online slot with a Second World War theme called Flying Ace. This game is unique, as it has a classic slot formation. As a result, you get 3 reels and 5 paylines. 

The icons that you’ll see on the reels are in the form of BAR offerings. They appear in single, double, and triple formats. The symbol of ‘A’ is featured in this online slot. The highest paying standard icon is that of a lady on a torpedo.

3. Pacific Attack

This game has been developed by NetEnt. Based on the Second World War theme, this online slot is centred on battles of the Pacific. The game has 5 reels with a range of intriguing symbols on them. They include a parachutist ejecting from his exploding fighter plane and an underwater mine. You’ll also find several medals on the reels. What makes this game truly entertaining are its special features. 

Among them is the Wild icon, which features a fighter pilot. The wilds substitute for all the other icons present on the reels. This forms a winning combination. It doesn’t include scatters or bonus symbols. The Scatter icons are those of a movie screen starlet.

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