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Historian of Trier and Sarr-Moselle Triangle capture by the 10th Armored, 5th Ranger Battalion and 94th Infantry Division.
In long term process of researh for a book. Toured the Triangle battlefield in 2009, have many contacts in Germany, planning a return trip, hopeing for Oct. 20011.
My uncle, 1st Lt. William N. Fudge served with the 609th Tank Destroyer Battalion, which was attached to the 10th AD for most of WWII. Written a detailed history of my uncle with Task Force O'Hara / Haskell first unit into Trier. Lt.Fudge was killed 6 April, 1945 with Task Force Roberts on the way to Crailshiuem. His armored car detonated an anti-tank mine village of Klepsau just below Assmanstadt. Can anyone provide their or a veterans memory of being in that area and time?

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