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Does anyone remember the 55th Armored Engineer Halftrack named "Hartford" driven by my Father Irvin R. Hainsey T-5 or the Halftrack named "Hi Toots" driven by his friend Tony Geiger from Detroit or Norman Siegfried T-5?

My Father has a photo album with pictures of these guys and others (I get their (the other names) and post them here in another note) at Camp Gordon, Kentucky, France, Germany, and others. I'd like to share these photos with them and or their families.

I wish I had found this site years ago. I would have really liked to have met these Great Men (Heroes of WW11).

My Father passed away in 1979 and he did tell me about the war and some of what happen. He is my Hero not just because of his service but also the manner in which he lived his life after the War and the difference he had made in mine.

I can be contacted directly on 860-888-8536c

Martin L. Hainsey

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