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Greetings, my name is Tom Guillou. I am in the process of putting together the history of family members of my wife and I that served in World War II. My wife's grandfather served with the 10th Armored, and my grandfather was with the 301st Combat Engineers attached to the 76th Inf Div. I have been lucky with my grandfather for he is still with us. It takes a few maps and numbers to get the gears turning but all works out.

My wife's grandfather however died almost twenty years ago and a great deal of information went with him. So here I am looking for something so when his great-grandkids ask about him we can tell them about his place in history.

For those of you who read these profiles, Thank you. Not just for operating this site and helping others like me, but for all that you have loss and you have given.

Tom Guillou

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