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Dedicated to all the Tigers -- living and dead -- who served so gallantly in World War II

10th Armored Division History & Combat Chronicle

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Division History

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The 10th Armored ("Tiger") Division was activated at Fort Benning, Georgia on 15 July 1942 and departed in June of the following year to participate in the Tennessee maneuvers.  

Upon termination of the maneuvers in early September 1943, it transferred to Camp Gordon, Georgia, where on 14 July 1944, the eve of its second anniversary, it was plunged into sudden mourning at the untimely death in an airplane crash near Chattanooga, Tennessee, of its popular commander, Major General Paul Newgarden, together with Colonel Renn Lawrence, the Commander of Combat Command "B." 

Several weeks later, it departed for Camp Shanks, New York, and embarked for France on 13 September, being the first Armored Division to sail from the United States direct to the European mainland.   After arrival at Cherbourg on 23 September, it spent approximately a month in the vicinity of Teurtheville, France training and readying its equipment for combat. 

VE Day found the Division deep in Southern Bavaria where it performed occupation duty after the war until it left Germany on 12 September 1945, to embark from Marseilles, France on 3 October 1945.  It landed at Newport News, Virginia on 13 October and was subsequently inactivated at Camp Patrick Henry, Virginia on 15 October 1945.

Honors:  Distinguished Unit Citation - Five

Below data was taken from Company C, 55th Armored Engineer Battalion History Card (TAGO Form 016, 1 Sep 52) - Note: Movement and assignment dates are similar for all 10th Armored Division units; however, parts of the division deployed on 13 September 1944 instead of 12 September 1944 as noted here because of problems with one of the ships running aground in New York harbor) ...

Fort Benning GA - 15 Jul 42 to 21 Jun 1943

Tennessee Maneuver Area - 24 Jun 1943 to 2 Sep 1944

Camp Gordon, GA - 3 Sep 1943 to 3 Sep 1944

NYPOE (SS Sea Owl) 12 Sep 1944 to 23 Sep 1944

France 23 Sep 1944 to 17 Dec 1944

Luxembourg 17 Dec 1944 to 27 Dec 1944

France 27 Dec 1944 to 26 Feb 1945

Germany 26 Feb 1945 to 13 Sep 1945

France 14 Feb 1945 to 4 Oct 1945

Aboard USAT JW Andrew 4 Oct 1945 - 13 Oct 1945

Hampton Roads POE - 13 Oct 1945

Camp Patrick Henry, VA 13 Oct 1945 (10th Armored Division inactivated)

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Men and tanks move across a bridge on the Saar River after capturing Trier on March 5, 1945.

The 10th Armored Division entered combat near Mars La Tour, France, on 2 November 1944 and, on the 15th of the same month, joined in the fight to reduce the fortress city of Metz. 

Crossing the Moselle to the north in a wide encircling sweep, it attacked northeast and southeast in a two-pronged drive, reached the Saar River, and on 19 November, crossed into Germany at Eft.  When the Ardennes offensive was launched, it rushed north to help stem the German tide, and, while CCB blocked the northern and eastern approaches to Bastogne by organizing defenses at Noville, Longvilly and Bras, and joined the 101st Airborne Division later in holding Bastogne, the remainder of the 10th Armored "Tigers" rammed into the enemy along the southern hinge of the Bulge in the vicinity of Berdorf and Echternach.

Following a rest after the Bulge, the Division returned to the front on 20 February 1945 and helped to clear the Saar-Moselle Triangle.  It then swung north and captured the historic city of Trier on 2 March, after which, on the 20th, took Landau on the 22nd, and reached the Rhine that same day.  It crossed the river at Worms on the 28th, passed through the 44th Infantry Division at Mannheim on the 30th, and on the 31st, drove into Heidelberg which had been declared an open city.

Racing east to Assamstadt and bypassing Heilbronn enroute, it veered south and seized Crailsheim on 7 April.  Isolated at this location deep in the enemy's rear and faced with daily increasing pressure and mounting casualties, it withdrew a short distance to the north on the 11th, then attacked back to the west, seizing Ohringen on 13 April.   Launching a new drive to the4 south at this point, in rapid order it captured Schwabisch Hall on the 18th, Gaildorf on the 19th, Kercheim on the 20th, and reached the Danube at Ehingen on the 22nd.  It then swung east toward Ulm, taking the cathedral city on the 25th.  At Ulm, it turned south once more and, attacking into the rugged Alps on two parallel routes, it had reached Mittenwald on one route and had captured Imst in Austria after crossing the border at Fussen on the other when the war ended. 

Following VE Day, the Division performed occupation duty in the Garmish-Partenkirchen area until it departed on 12 September for Marseilles, France, from which it sailed for home.  Upon debarkation in the United States, the 10th Armored Division was inactivated at Camp Patrick Henry, Virginia on 15 October 1945.


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